Mar 22, 2008

Year of the Rat - Television Interview

See some of the artists and PROOF Studio Gallery interviewed on television:

Year of the Rat Television Interview

Feb 14, 2008

Natalie Drajewicz, Sheila Jonah and RATGIRL Krissie Ross and Paul discuss Krissie's rat inspired jewellry.

Sue Goldstein, printmaker in full biker gear after fighting her way in a snowstorm to the opening on a bicycle. A dedicated printmaker. You go girl!

Barb Trott, Annes sister and Pat Durr from Ottawa enjoy festivities.

Ryan Lord, participating printer from Burlington Ontario in front of his print - Rats Nest with a tray of printers cuts on display at Proof Studio Gallery.

Sheridan Students with Krista Keller and her Trio print at the opening of the International Print Exhibition

Justine Dart and Carolyn Eady admiring Cosmic Rat relief print by Justine.

Three Rats! Participating printers Linda Kristen Blix, Liz Russ of Gallery 888 and Christine Pensa.

Agata Ostrowska and ryanbarratt, Toronto artist in the Case Goods Warehouse in the Distillery District with ryan's first print - a rat trap of course

Printmakers Akemi Nishidera of KOZO Studio, Carolyn Eady of Sprouts Press and Barb Trott of Toronto admire each others prints at the opening.

Yoshiko Watanabe, one of the participating printmakers came all the way from Tokyo for the opening of the International Print Exhibition!!! She met many of the local printmakers and here is photographed with Sue Goldstein who is a printmaking major graduating from Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto.

Visitors enjoying Rat Art and Chinese snacks at PROOF Studio Gallery. Over 150 visitors came to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Sheila Jonah and John Drajewicz of PROOF Studio Gallery welcome printmakers and visitors to the Year of the Rat Print Exhibition.

PROOF Studio Gallery - OPENING NIGHT of the International Print Exhibition celebrating The Year of the Rat! The Distillery District of Toronto comes alive for Chinese New Year!

"Year of the Rat"
Judith Lui, Hong Kong

'Art Rat'
Denise Pelletier, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Aquatinte, Drypoint & Transfer

"Year of the Rat'
Nena Braathen, Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada
Intaglio, Aquatint

"Happy Rattie New Years"
Janice McFegan, Half Moon Bay, British Columbia, Canada

"Rats Nest"
Ryan Lord, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

"The Maze"
Sheila Jonah, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Relief with chine colle

"Rat and Vessel #2"
Wendy Cain, Newburgh, Ontario, Canada

"Ratus, Ratus"
Anna Carlman, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Ano de Raton"
Karle Valle, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Fany Deschatelets, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

"Year of the Rat"
Dierdre Hierley, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Home Alone"
Sharon Kessel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Eager Rat"
Carol Steinberg, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Home Sweet Home"
Natalie Roy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Barb C. Ringer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Relief on rice paper

Valerie Chartrand, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Welcome Year of the Rat"
Katie Argyle, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

'Rat Poison"
Rozemarijn Oudejans, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Jozephine Ooteman, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

" Dirty Rats"
Susan Mok, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Etching & Aquatint

"Le Rat"
Monique Menard, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"La Rata"
Guillermo Trejo Letechipia, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Etching & Aquatint

"Earth Rat"
Maya Hum, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

" Year of the Rat"
Tracey Buchanan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Cosmic Rat"
Justin Dart, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Piper of Beijing One"
Linda Kristen Blix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Piper of Beijing Two"
Linda Kristen Blix, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Rat Power 2008"
Irina Badescu, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Home Sweet Home"
Ottilie Douglas- Fodor,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Woodblock and Styrofoam

" A Sneaky Cheeky Year"
Mirielle Osbourne, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Feb 11, 2008

"Brooklyn Rat"
Patti Waterfield,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Year of the Rat"
Salina Kwan,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Don McVeigh.
Ottawa, Ontario,Canada
Linocut with Colour Stencils

"High Wire"
Judith Linhorst,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Kiss, Kiss
Kaylen McConnell,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"Le Rat"
Monique Menard,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Dry Point